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Summer Program

Bandwriting 2018  – Two Sessions
July 9th to July 20th
July 23rd to August 3rd

Our summer program provides an immersive experience. We will be working intensively for two separate two-week sessions. Together we create music as a group and bring our ideas to completion in the studio. There will be many guests from fields related to professional songwriting. Participants will have a CD of the groups work when they leave. We also end each session with a performance at a major NYC venue.

We are a collective of songwriting and recording professionals that mentor aspiring songwriters and teach them how to record their music. Our mission is to empower students, with the skills to really express themselves through writing and recording original songs. The benefits of this process can range from simply having great fun playing and recording to experiencing something personally meaningful.

It doesn’t matter what style of music you play, as long as you bring an open mind to working with a team in a highly creative environment. We try and create a cooperative atmosphere that inspires students to take risks with their creativity. Participants grow in the program and achieve a grasp of what goes into creating, developing and bringing a song to completion in the recording studio. Students will all have professionally recorded copies of the songs they create.